Design The Next DS Water Bottle

Emma Horvath ‘19 of Troy and the Environmental Club want your help.  They are offering a design competition for the new DS water bottles that will be sold throughout the year.  This will be an updated version of last year’s water bottle.

environmental club water bottle

Last year’s design


Have fun with and get creative (all while helping to make Doane Stuart a more sustainable school).  Sustainability in style!  Read below for the competition rules.  If you have any questions, just email Emma Horvath (  

Design Competition Rules (for students only)

  1. Design a water bottle using (stay away from aluminum water bottles!)
  2. Your design can be ANYTHING that shows DS spirit!
  3. Your design should be in the price range of $5 to $10 (if your design doesn’t meet this price range exactly, that’s ok!)
  4. All designs MUST be submitted via email ( by Monday, November 6th
  5. The following Tuesday (Nov. 7th) all designs will be reviewed by Environmental Club Members
  6. Wednesday, Nov. 8th, the winning design will be chosen!
  7. The winning design will become the NEW DS water bottle!

Profits will either be donated to a local environmental organization (ADK received donations last year) OR fund other projects (like planting a tree!!!!).  

Good luck and think green!

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