Doane Stuart


Admission Team

Dan Pearson

Director of Admission

I worked as a magazine and newspaper journalist for a decade before becoming Assistant Director of Admission at Connecticut College, where I served as liaison to Capital area schools, including Doane Stuart. Now at Doane Stuart, I oversee recruitment efforts, shout at fire drills, and sometimes exercise will power on taco Tuesday in the Commons. Oddly, all of my friends and family call me Dave. Or David. Ask me. I’ll explain. I live in downtown Troy a pitching wedge from The Ruck.

Phone:(518) 730-4804 ext. 241

Eduation:Bowdoin College BA, University of St. Andrews MS

Kathleen Bracken

Director of College Counseling; Assistant Director of Admission

I have served as Director of College Counseling at Doane Stuart since 2008 and have been with the school since 2005. This role is both great fun and a tremendous privilege. Doane Stuart’s favorable faculty to student ratio allows me to provide individual attention to each of our students, while establishing a rapport and relationship with their families. In addition to serving as the college counselor, I work with families applying for admission to Doane Stuart’s Middle and Upper Schools. I am a runner, a yogi, and dog-mom to Zelda, a rescue chihuahua mix (who occasionally visits school).    

Phone:(518) 730-4804 ext. 210

Education:BA University at Albany

Ann Berkman

Assistant to the Advancement Team