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At Doane Stuart, we provide students with every opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. Our well-rounded curriculum has a much-deserved reputation for depth and rigor. And our emphasis on inquiry and discovery creates students who constantly seek to know more and understand.

Service and social responsibility are part of our culture. Students perform over 5,000 hours of community service each year. As a result, students learn, firsthand, that every individual can, and should, make a difference.

Perhaps most important, at Doane Stuart we are a family of families. Our community is bound by a shared commitment to education, service, and one another. We view the school and parents as partners in a relationship that brings mutual trust and respect to all aspects of school life. Together, we support our students and celebrate their accomplishments—in the classroom, on the stage and playing field, and in the world at large. Together, we lay the foundation on which our students will build the rest of their lives.

Doane Stuart was the first place I started taking a role as a leader. It helped me build a sense of passion for a team. It taught me how to work well with people I don’t know. As this is my last year at Doane, I will be taking many memories with me. Some of those, like blue/green, will not only be memories I can look back on, but defining moments that shaped who I am.

Liz Cole
UpperSchool - Liz Cole

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On Memorial Day, we remember and honor those in our armed forces who gave their lives in service to our country.



The Class of 2019 was “formally” inducted as the newest members of the Alumni/ae Association. We had alumni/ae representation from every decade for the last 70 years and it  was again a very special occasion.



The Doane Stuart School is saddened by the passing of our trustee and dear friend, Dr. Karen Hitchcock. Doane Stuart and the entire Capital Region has lost a great friend.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her brothers, Roy and Garrett, and the entire Hitchcock Family.



Liz Cole '19, came to visit our New Head Cecil Stodghill. Are you an alumni/ae? Do you want to reconnect with Doane Stuart? Come on in! #DSConnect #Community #DoaneStuartFamily



Kat Novko '15 was a Thunderchicken, then a @trinitycollege Bantam... We sense a theme in her schools' mascots! Kat visited campus today to show her chicken pride - and had a matching t-shirt as a gift for college counselor Ms. Bracken. It's always a joy to have our alumni back for a visit! Congratulations to Kat on her graduation from Trinity this spring - hopefully she can find a grad school with a feathered mascot. 🤞🐔🐓



Kindergarten & First Grade have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly 🦋 Today they released their little friends back into the wild

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