At Doane Stuart, we provide students with every opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. Our well-rounded curriculum has a much-deserved reputation for depth and rigor. And our emphasis on inquiry and discovery creates students who constantly seek to know more and understand.

Service and social responsibility are part of our culture. Students perform over 5,000 hours of community service each year. As a result, students learn, firsthand, that every individual can, and should, make a difference.

Perhaps most important, at Doane Stuart we are a family of families. Our community is bound by a shared commitment to education, service, and one another. We view the school and parents as partners in a relationship that brings mutual trust and respect to all aspects of school life. Together, we support our students and celebrate their accomplishments—in the classroom, on the stage and playing field, and in the world at large. Together, we lay the foundation on which our students will build the rest of their lives.

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