Austin ’19 and Horvath ’19 Take On Plastic Bottle Use

Doane Stuart students are helping save the environment by cutting down on plastic bottle use.  The Environmental Club, led by Emma Horvath ’19 of Troy, is tackling this issue head-on while also raising money for the Adirondack Mountain Club (maintains trails in Adirondacks, general maintenance, etc.).  

Emma and Emilie bottle fundraiser

Emilie Austin ’19 (left) and Emma Horvath ’19 (right)

Students designed a DS reusable BPA-free water bottle (24oz), which will be sold for $6 (pre-order). 100% of the profits made from this fundraiser will be donated to ADK. A bake sale will be held shortly after the first order of water bottles come in. The money from this bake sale will then be used to buy additional water bottles for a non-discounted price of $8. Excess profits from the general sale of the bottles will all be donated to ADK, too.

DS reusable water bottle

Emilie Austin ’19 of Wilton created the mini-slideshow that was presented at Tuesday’s All-School Morning Meeting, and Brian Ganeles ’19 of Albany designed the order form.  All members of the Environmental Club contributed ideas on how to kick off the fundraiser/design the bottle.  

Money and order forms should be given to either Ms. Barbary or Emma Horvath. Payment must be cash. The last day to pre-order water bottles will be Monday, 4/3.  After Monday, bottles will cost $8,00.  Questions? Email or

order form

Did you know (from student presentation):

sad world

Earth when we use plastic water bottles (above)

Americans use 50 billion plastic water bottles each year, and only about 38% are recycled

Earth after we buy and use reusable bottles 🙂 (below)

Happy world