Doane Stuart

Interfaith – What it Means to DS

The Doane Stuart School emerged after the 1975 merger of two very different,  parochial schools; Kenwood Academy and St. Agnes School. It is the Nation’s only successfully merged Catholic and Protestant school. At its origins, Doane Stuart became an Interfaith School; an all-faith-accepting, coeducational Early Childhood through Grade 12, college preparatory school. Its inception was visionary (even radical for its time) and progressive and continues to stand the test of time as we approach our 50th anniversary. 

What exactly does being an interfaith school mean at Doane Stuart? It means that our students have the opportunity to experience the world through the perspectives of many. Our family of families represents over 15 faiths that are practiced throughout the world. Our non-denominational, interfaith model fosters global understanding and cultural fluency by embracing, teaching, and celebrating a diverse set of beliefs and non-belief, of families from all cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. 

Our curriculum promotes the exploration of culture and faith from Early Childhood through Upper School. Academically, this approach provides a deeper and nuanced connection to history, philosophy, and civics. Pragmatically, it enables Doane Stuart students to become citizens of the world who are comfortable and adaptable in new situations.  Socially and emotionally, we nurture our students to be accepting and kind to one another.

Through our Campus Ministry, regularly scheduled divisional and all-school meetings highlighting the history and traditions of various cultures and faiths are attended (and often led) by our students. These gatherings also include talks relative to non-religious and socially responsible events. These experiences promote discussion and reaffirm that every person’s voice is valued and heard with respect, in a larger dialogue.

Students learn to establish a rapport with as diverse a community as possible. They gain an appreciation and understanding of the origins, traditions, and tenets of the world’s major religions. Through this ongoing practice of acceptance and empathy, Doane Stuart remains committed to inclusion and globalism and to sending mindful citizens into the world who aspire to bridge cultural and social divides.

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