Local Firefighters and ‘Community Helpers’ Visit Doane Stuart Lower School

Doane Stuart thanks firefighters from the Rensselaer Fire Department.  Our local ‘community helpers’ came by Tuesday to teach fire safety to students in Early Childhood, Kindergarten, and Grade 1.

The firefighters talked about all the ways to prevent fires at home.  They discussed the importance of getting low and crawling beneath the smoke if a fire ever does occur. Best of all, the students got on board an actual fire truck to learn about how it works and all it does to keep people safe.

Tuesday’s visit with the firefighters is part of Early Childhood’s larger month-long look at Community Helpers. As part of that, the students visited the East Greenbush Community Library. In addition, they will learn about the vital role of doctors and nurses and construction workers. As a  culmination to the unit, students will build their own community out of recyclable materials.


See more photos of the firefighter’s visit below!

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