Doane Stuart Takes Home “Best Themed Booth Award” at National Chemistry Week Event

After much preparation, planning and brainstorming, Doane Stuart took home the award for “Best Themed Booth” at the American Chemical Society’s National Chemistry Day event held each year at the New York State Museum.  The theme this year was “Chemistry is Out of this World.”

Approximately 250 children attended the event and Doane Stuart was there to greet them with exciting experiments and activities at our “chemistry-in-space” themed booth.  Science faculty and student volunteers guided the children and their families through stations where they were able to create and take home a “stellar nebula”  by mixing gasses (colored water), space dust (cotton balls) and stars (glitter) in a bottle, test a real-life meteorite for the presence of nickel and even study the light spectrum of different gasses to help identify planets.  

Thank you student volunteers Morgan Hanaway ’19, Quinn Hapeman ’22, Icesis Serrano ’22, Sai-Ye Sao ’22 and Emily Kelly ’21, and to all faculty and staff that participated in the fun and educational event.

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