Doane Stuart mourns the loss of one of its Founders – Rev. William D. Small

The Doane Stuart School is sad to announce the passing of Reverend Canon William D. Small on April 23, 2017.  Rev. Small was a Priest of the Episcopal Church.  During his ministry, he served as a college chaplain, as headmaster of an independent church school, served on the staff of the Metropolitan Council of Churches and, carrying out his commitment to Christian unity, was a leader of many ecumenical church organizations.

He was a co-founder of the Doane Stuart Independent School in Albany and was co-founder and Vicar of St. Boniface Church.  Rev. Small was Chaplain and then Headmaster of St. Agnes School from 1963 – 1975.  He served as Executive Vice President of Doane Stuart from 1975 – 1980.   The pursuit of justice and peace and his participation in the Civil Rights movements included 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom at which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his now famous “I have a dream” speech.  Reverend Small also organized and led a number of medical and construction missions to the Dominican Republic. He was a genuine leader and a caring man.