Picotte ’09 Photograph Selected for Google’s New Phone

Picotte Google Phone2

In launching its newest phone, the Pixel 2, Google partnered with Girlgaze, a multimedia company that highlights the work of female-identifying creatives and is dedicated to closing the gender gap by providing paid job opportunities for its global community. Google released a collection of Live Cases featuring Girlgaze photographers, including one by Amanda Picotte ’09.

Photographers submitted work to Girlgaze by using their hashtag on Instagram. Girlgaze received over 2.8 million submissions this way and chose 8 images that would work for this collaboration, including Picotte’s.

Picotte explained that she has previously done work with Girlgaze. Her photos were also included in the organization’s recently released book, #girlgaze: How Girls See the World.

Picotte lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has appeared on Refinery29.com, DRØME magazine, and more. She commented,

“Doane Stuart had an enormous impact on where I’m at with my career right now. I wouldn’t be a photographer without Doane Stuart. I didn’t study photography in college, so all of my skills were founded in high school. The photography program at Doane Stuart was incredible and helped me to think of photography as something I could do professionally. Furthermore, the overall educational environment I was in at DS helped me to think of photography as a form of social and political commentary, which is very important to my work. I just finished my Masters in Fashion Photography from the School of Visual Arts and I’m now solely a freelance photographer.”

Picotte Google Phone
To view more of Picotte’s work, visit her website, amandapicotte.com. She noted that some of the photos include her classmate, Mateo Ward ’09, whom she shot while studying abroad in England this past spring.

To read more about the collaboration, visit: https://www.blog.google/products/pixel/how-girls-see-world-girlgaze-and-pixel-2/

To order a Live Case for your Pixel 2: https://livecase.withgoogle.com/artworks/info/girlgaze

Follow Amanda on Instagram at @amandapicotte

Congratulations, Amanda!