Doane Stuart

Fourth Annual Drama Club Cabaret & French Cafe

The Doane Stuart Drama Club held its fourth annual cabaret and French Cafe March 14th in the Commons.

The cabaret is a wonderful collection of pieces from a variety of shows,  this year the drama club added songs and an intermission  because there were just so many song to love, and so many great singers at Doane Stuart. With this project, done completely in the commons, students willingly learned new skills, such as ‘Theatre In The Round’ and ‘Theatre in Found Spaces.’ 

The energy and dedication of these students to this project has amazed and overwhelmed me; Through challenges of studies, weather or plague, they fully embraced the idea we shared with them and gave it their all.  This is the core of why we do theatre: to touch lives and hearts, to be inclusive and accepting, to allow and understand unpredictable outcomes, to create and inform, and of course, to entertain. There is no limit to the power of story to transform lives. I am grateful and blessed to be a part of that process. Maria Pfegl (Theatre Program Director)

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