Middle School Illumination Fair 2018

Middle School students have reason to celebrate after completing yet another impressive and exciting Illumination Fair (formerly the Middle School Learning and Science Fair).  The Illumination Fair is a unique learning opportunity for students to work independently on a specific area of study.  They work diligently for months as they design an experiment or explore a thesis to present to the School community. 

The experience helps to provide the foundation for students to learn and exercise research methodology, take a position on a topic and argue their thesis, meet deadlines and follow a required format for reporting an experiment.  They also gain invaluable public speaking experience when presenting their projects to parents, students and friends

One of the foundations of Doane Stuart’s educational mission is “the joy of discovery.”  Our students enjoy learning in a school that values the experience of exploration and creativity in balance with the rigor required to master the skills and concepts that will ground their work right through college. This supplemental research project – conducted in addition to a student’s traditional course work – demonstrates the academic rigor, emphasis on discovery and love of learning that inform the work of our students and teachers. 

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