14th Annual College Sweatshirt Day

On February 1, 2018 The Doane Stuart School celebrated it’s 14th Annual College Sweatshirt Day! 

This day celebrates our seniors who have filed the last of their college applications.  Lower, Middle and Upper School students joined the faculty, staff and administration in their college sweatshirts for the annual College Sweatshirt Day all-school photo. This event gives us good reason to chat with younger students about college. In many ways, the college counseling process at Doane Stuart is an extension of a student’s

overall experience. Students are encouraged to embark on a process of self-reflection, to gather information and then make informed decisions through extensive discovery and analysis. Our goal is to give students (and their families) the guidance that they need to help them to make the most informed choices at each step in the process.

The 36 members of the Class of 2018 have already earned over $2.7 Million in offers of merit scholarships. 

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