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More Than Just “Hat Day” – A Saint Agnes Connection

Last week, we celebrated “hat day”. On hat day, we all come into school wearing our favorite hats. Some hats recognize famous baseball teams, some hats are silly (the eagle was especially entertaining), and some are creative (a vending machine equipped with lights)! A hat we really loved seeing was a Saint Agnes throwback to the caps the girls wore in the 1950s while playing sports. One of the hats on our shelves had the initials of its owner so we did some investigating and tracked her down! Not only did we make contact with Mrs. Kauke ’60, she graciously emailed back information on the hats we have!

The “A” on the green hat stands for “Amazons” as opposed to a red hat with an “S” on it representing the “Spartans”. The 2 teams ( much like our current green team and blue team) consisted of the students in the upper school! There was also a navy blue hat. That one was the St. Agnes hat with the “SAS” on it.

We love history, our hats, our school! Thank you to our alumni for always answering our questions, offering their time, and being the backbone of our school. #doanestuart #spartans #amazons #thunderchickens #WomensHistoryMonth

4 thoughts on “More Than Just “Hat Day” – A Saint Agnes Connection”

  1. Amazon’s? Hmmm I like that! I really think we should name our blue green teams like they did. Maybe not the same ones… Let’s do a contest?

  2. Susan Arthur Sierck

    I still have my green Amazon hat even though I don’t wear it very often. It would be fun to know who Mrs. Kauke is since she was a class below me.
    Susan Arthur Sierck ‘59

  3. Susan Voss Tribe

    Wonderful..I just saw the pictures of the Saint Agnes School hats! I graduated from Saint Agnes in 1963. I loved it there so so much and was so sad when I heard the building was going to be torn down!! I was on the red, Spartan team! Athletics were all very competitive. All sports were Amazons against Spartans. Climbing ropes and parallel bars were all competitive events too! Seeing these hats brought back so many fond memories!! I loved it!

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