Freshman Retreat

Camp Chingachgook
Freshman Retreat
The Freshman Retreat is a wonderful activity with several important goals.  First, it allows you to meet your classmates, renew friendships and make new friends.  Second, it allows you to meet some of your teachers in an environment that is considerably different than the classroom.  Third, it gives you an opportunity, before school starts, to ask questions about Doane Stuart, about the Upper School  and about life as a ninth grader.  Finally, it offers all of us a chance to relax and have fun!
The retreat will be held at Camp Chingachgook, on Lake George (, where Doane Stuart students have come for retreats for many years.   Camp Chingachgook is a YMCA camp that serves over 10,000 children and adults each year; its mission is to build strong kids, families and communities, and it matches our school’s mission beautifully. The program at Camp Chingachgook will include team-building exercises,  canoeing, hiking and much more.

Waivers and packing lists will be sent home during the first week of school.
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