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My “Why” – A Parent Shares

We recently received this wonderful message from on of our parents and it’s too beautiful to note share. We treasure educating, nurturing, and watching all our students blossom into who they are. We are blessed. Thank you, DiPreta family for these kind words.

Over the years, countless people have asked us why we are at Doane Stuart.  The answer is both simple and complex.  Our oldest children were in public school when we realized it wasn’t a good fit.  We began to search for a new school. We knew we needed a place with a strong and interesting curriculum, smaller class sizes, and a more responsive faculty.  With boy-girl twins, we also felt strongly we needed a coeducational facility.

Having toured several schools, and researched many more, we knew we had hit upon the right place during our first visit to Doane Stuart.  How did we know?  We were able to interact with the wonderful administrators, faculty and staff but what really sold the school were the students.  We were greeted by very poised, articulate, kind young men and women.  We left saying “we want our children to grow up to be like those ambassadors.”

Fast forward many years.  We have three Doane Stuart graduates and one currently enrolled.  The three graduates are now very much like the ambassadors with whom we first interacted.  They can look others in the eye, speak about a myriad of topics, read in front of a crowd, compose a paper in one night and willingly take on leadership roles.  This is due to the nurturing environment of Doane Stuart, teachers who asked them to stretch, and who made learning fun.  It is a place where kids are encouraged to develop their individual interests as well as to participate in the varied extracurricular activities available.

My children played soccer, baseball and softball, participated in drama productions on the audio side, read at school chapels, mentored younger students, gave school tours, and made lifelong friends.  They grew breast cancer in advanced biology, took precalculus over the summer so they had time to take Calculus 2 in high school, and learned to research and write papers.  Recently they have been saying more and more how thankful they are that they were prepared for college and life after high school.  They have seen others struggle to complete college assignments or in seeking out help from professors, skills they feel they have been taught in abundance.

I really could go on about all of the things we love about Doane Stuart but, in the simplest terms, we love this place because it helped us raise kind, helpful, competent, educated, and open-minded young adults. 

Amy DiPreta
Lucas ’18, Antonia ’18, Joseph ’21 and James ’30

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