Doane Stuart

10 Ideas for Winter Break

10 Ideas for a Memorable Winter Break:

  1. Ice Skating at the Plaza in Albany: https://empirestateplaza.ny.gov/ice-rink
  2. Go see a movie or a show in a historic theatre: https://www.palacealbany.org/events
  3. Hit the slopes: https://www.albany.com/winter/downhill-skiing/
  4. Go to an art museum – Virtually: https://www.weareteachers.com/virtual-museum-tours/
  5. Go to an art museum – In Person: https://www.albanyinstitute.org/
  6. Visit the Eric Carle Museum: https://www.carlemuseum.org/
  7. Bundle up and walk through an amazing sculpture park: https://artomi.org/
  8. Take a Walk – OVER the Hudson: https://walkway.org/
  9. Have a Movie Marathon – Everyone gets to pick 1 movie. Bring on the popcorn. The cozy blankets. The hot chocolate. The comfy place on the couch. And snuggle up! 
  10. Show off your roller skating skills at the rink:: https://www.guptillsarena.com/index.html

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