Doane Stuart

A Chorus Line

Starting the third week in August, we have been digging our dance shoes in and rehearsing nonstop for the production of A Chorus Line. As Mr. Pickett said, “While the show was simple technically, it is known for being incredibly complex because it requires everyone to be a fantastic singer, dancer, and actor. The classic triple threat of performers.”

The show, which was performed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, was amazing. The voices, the lighting, the talent, the dedication were all on point. Seeing a play with actors in masks can prove difficult but the DS theater kids pulled it off.  Their voices were clear, and their eyes communicated so much. Their ability to transform into their characters was amazing.

We are so grateful to have had the chance to perform and to have all the volunteers – parent, student, faculty, alumni, and staff. Thank you to each and every one of them!

Will be posting more photos on Facebook! Go check them out!

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