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Most Loved Facebook Post of 2020? One guess.

This morning we spent some time going over 2020. While it may have been a wild, and sometimes weird ride, with Covid-19, we also have to acknowledge we had some beautiful moments too. We were able to connect every day virtually having full-day classes every day, we were able to have a graduation on our lawn, distanced, safe, and attended by our graduating class and their households. We were able to reopen in September to every student from Early Childhood through to our Class of 2021! We were able to eat our lunches together on the lawn, on our Green Roof, and in our commons area and talk about our days, classes, and the new year to come. So many good things.

We also dug into our Facebook, curious about the insights on there. What was our most liked post, what video was viewed the most, and what content was shared? It came as no surprise that our most shared content was the photos of our little ones playing, being silly, and learning new things. Or that the video everyone loved the most was our Early Childhood class puddle jumping (sorry moms and dads) after a rainstorm. Or that the cover photo of Mr. & Mrs. H. had a whopping 133 “likes”, and 60 “loves”. We get it. We love them too.

Mr. Hodgkinson started working here in 1975. Always the creative, clever science teacher he has shared years of wisdom and humor providing our students, faculty, and staff with entertainment, and knowledge.

Mrs. Hodgkinson started just 7 years later, in 1982. It’s impossible not to be drawn to her calming, caring energy and to be impressed with her guidance in all things. Students leave her English classes energized, inspired, and ready to explore more. 

We don’t know what we’d do without them! Thank you for being here, Mr. & Mrs. H.!

For our Mr. H. fans out there, be sure to check out the recent interview with him by our Admissions Director, Karen Teich:

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