Doane Stuart

Integrated Project: The Revolutionary War

Every year, our Middle School students immerse themselves in a topic that they all research, study, and become experts on. Last year, it was our National Park’s, and students studied our Nation’s most prized places. They were watch films on the history of the parks, the significance of the flora and fauna pending on climate in each, and they were able to meet men and women who worked for and IN those places. It was a fun exploration – for the whole school, because at DS when our students learn about something, they then become the teachers of that topic. Not only does this give us all to learn from their work hard, but gives them valuable public speaking opportunities – to all ages. This yearly tradition is known to the DS community as the “Integrated Project.” 

This year…. our Middle School students embarked on a journey through history. They took a deep dive into the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War is so meaningful to our country, and its impact on its citizens so raw, often brutal, but also, necessary, and brave. In addition to all the books, articles, activities and films our students saw they were able to take a field trip to Fort Montgomery. Hidden, by design, on the banks of the Hudson River, lays the remains of a fort built for, and destroyed, during the Revolutionary War. Students were able to explore the ruins, hear the stories of its inhabitants, listen to the drumming the soldiers used as communication, and witnessed a musket rifle being shot the way it would have been in 1777. 

We recommend this site, and it’s neighbor, Fort Clinton (on the property), to all history buffs! It’s a perfect day trip (under 2 hours away), filled with information, and truly a NYS sacred landmark! 


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