Doane Stuart

Are we there yet?

Yes, we have reached the point in the summer where we are ready for our Thunderchickens to come back! 

The first few days were nice. A calm quiet fell over the building and we tied up all our loose ends from the year. We cleaned the floors, filed away papers, watched sunsets from the Green Roof, and then ….. it started. The missing.

How do you spend over 150 days together and not get sad when you’re apart? It’s impossible. We miss all of their faces. Their voices. The laughter that filled the hallway. Saying “good morning” every day. Saying “have a great weekend” every Friday. Cheering on our teams at games. Gathering for morning meetings. Watching the latest Doane Stuart Drama Club production. We even miss the fire drills – kind of. 

This is just a long note to say that we are counting down the days and we CAN NOT WAIT to have all of our faculty, staff, and students back in the building again to start another fun filled year at Doane Stuart!

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