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A Fall 2021 Guide for Our Newest Thunderchickens


Is your Early Childhood or Kindergartner starting school for the first time in September? 

Here’s what you need to know…

Doane Stuart offers excellent, well-rounded Early Childhood and Elementary programs. Our goal, early on, is to help foster a sense of independence, nurture self-confidence and foster a love of learning in every child. Sometimes new parents are hesitant to ask questions about what they should do for their child who is coming to school for the first time. If you are starting your child’s educational journey at Doane Stuart, we want new-to-school parents to know, you’re not expected to know! How could you be? It’s your first time. We’ve got you. Our veteran Early Education experts are here to help all families make the transition from home to school a smooth and exciting one for everyone. 

Here are some tips that will help you and your child get off to a super start in September….

  • Don’t send your child to school in their Sunday best.

The role of play is critical to learning. 

Little people need to know it’s okay if they get their clothes dirty (ie. paint, dirt, and water!)

  • Send in an extra set of EVERYTHING! (pants, shirts, underwear,  socks, etc.,)

(Especially if you want an item back. Just like at home, things get mysteriously misplaced at school.)

  • Dress your child in easy-on-easy-off clothing.

Pant zippers, buttons & laces are tricky (and frustrating) for little fingers to manage on their own. 

Sweatpants, pullovers & velcro are the way to go.

  • Children should wear sturdy shoes (or sneakers) for walking, running & safety! 

Crocs, backless sandals, and flip-flops can be dangerous on the playground.

  • Send snacks and lunches to school in kid-friendly containers.

The goal is for them to feel successful by being able to manage as much as they can on their own.

  • Make sure your child knows what to do for themselves in the bathroom.

Teachers can’t be in two places at once. 

A big part of children being independent is being able to handle wiping, washing hands & pulling clothes back on.

  • If separation is an issue, send your child to school with something (very small) of yours or that reminds them of home. 

(probably not their favorite stuffed animal though)

  • Let your child know what the plan is, every day. 

Fear of the unknown is real for everyone. 

(ie. I will pick you up later today. Grandma is picking you up. Dad will pick you up later.)

  • Send your child to school with permission and words to use to make new friends.

Hi, my name is….. What is your name? Can I play with you? Would you like to play with me?

Remember, young children are very capable and very smart! If you are confident in where they’re going, they will be too! You’ve got this Mamas & Papas! And your little person does too!

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