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4th Grader Gives Back – On His Birthday

From the Early Childhood class, all the way until our students are seniors, Doane Stuart teaches and promotes the importance of community service. It is an integral component of the Doane Stuart education. Our students contribute more than 5,000 hours of service every year!

This teaching goes beyond just a requirement. It becomes a lifelong commitment of our student body. So, it was no surprise to learn that one of our 4th graders gave back, for HIS birthday. Instead of getting gifts for himself on his 10th birthday, Carter Snavely chose to collect donations to donate to the local Mohawk Humane Society. Carter, a student since he was just 4 years old at Doane Stuart, has been keeping this tradition for years. 

His mother, Michelle, wrote: 

“He has been fortunate enough to have participated in Community Service through after-school programs at Doane Stuart.  The program visited the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society as well as The Ronald McDonald House.  From that point on Carter wanted to figure out a way that he could help.  So, in lieu of gifts for his birthday, Carter has for many years asked for donations to both places.  Doane Stuart has helped make my son a very socially aware child.  We are so proud to be a part of the Doane Stuart family and love what that represents.”

We are humbled, grateful, and inspired by Carter’s selflessness and so proud of his service to his community. Great job, Carter!

Click here to learn more about donating to the Mohawk Humane Society!

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