You may think that you do not qualify for aid because of your household income, but families at most income levels may qualify for either Merit Awards or Need-Based Awards. No two families are the same, so it is important that you contact the Admission Office today and ask about our financial aid programs. Start the conversation today.

We have maintained the percentage of students who receive significant financial aid (50%; which is more than twice the national average). Expanding our commitment to serving students from every economic quarter of our regional society and remaining true to our mission (as a coeducational, interfaith, college preparatory school), has been essential to our success and the success of our students.

Limited Merit Awards are available for incoming, new, Upper School students. Head’s Award Recipients must demonstrate character, leadership, extracurricular involvement and academic excellence. All Applicants for Admission will be considered for these select awards. No additional application is needed for consideration for this award.

Need-Based Aid:  Checklist for New Families

1.    Complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) through School and Student Services (SSS*). This is done online at Full School Name:  The Doane Stuart School; School Code:  2878

2.   Upload your 2016 (or 2017 if they are available) tax returns (state and federal, with all attachments) and 2016/2017 W2s to the SSS Portal.

3.    In the case of a two household family (including divorced, separated or unmarried parents), each parent should complete a separate PFS and submit his or her documents.

4.    Once you have completed your 2017 taxes, upload these to the SSS Portal. A financial aid application can be reviewed using the 2016 returns.

All need-based aid is in the form of a grant. Financial aid applications must be completed before an admission decision will be released. This allows new families to make an informed enrollment decision.  Because Doane Stuart operates within a financial aid budget, funds are allocated on a rolling basis. The earliest possible completion of both the Application and Financial Aid processes is highly recommended. Please contact Geoffrey Bowman, Director of Admission at (518) 465-5222, ext. 241 with any questions.


Current Families Reapplying for Financial Aid

Returning families applying for financial aid must submit a new PFS every year.  The deadline to submit the 2018-19 PFS is January 13, 2017.  In addition to submitting the 2017-18 PFS, we also require that the families upload their 2015 taxes.  Current families that do not apply for aid by the deadline risk having their aid cut.  The Financial Aid Committee will review the applications and then include the grant award in the re-enrollment packets that will be mailed out on February 3, 2018.  Families then have until March 10 to accept the award.

Once a family has completed their 2017 taxes, they must upload their taxes and W2s to their 2017-18 PFS.  This should be done as soon as possible but must be done by April 15, barring any special circumstances.  The Financial Aid Committee will use the 2016 taxes and W2s to review the grant.  If there are no significant changes from what was reported in the PFS, then the grant will remain the same.  Families that see a significant increase or decrease in salary will have their grants modified accordingly.  The Director of Admission would then notify the family of the change.  Please be in contact with Geoffrey Bowman, Director of Admission (518) 465-522 X241 if you have any questions.

Financial Aid Timeline for 2017-18 (current families)

January 13 – 2017-18 PFS and 2015 taxes due

February 10 – Financial aid grants distributed with re-enrollment packets

March 10 – Re-enrollment deadline

April 15 – Due date for uploading 2016 taxes and W2s

*SSS is a service of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).