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Welcome Alumni/ae

Our Alumni/ae are the backbone of Doane Stuart.  Each graduate has paved the way for our students today and for the generations of young people in our future.  Doane Stuart carries on the great traditions of our past, embodying the full legacies of both St. Agnes and Kenwood and moving enthusiastically into the 21st century.

Alumni/ae Association

The mission of the Doane Stuart Alumni/ae Association is to encourage and facilitate active participation in the Doane Stuart global community. The Association binds St. Agnes, Kenwood and Doane Stuart as a community of alumni/ae that preserves our shared commitments to each other and to the mission of the Doane Stuart School. The association creates a range of programs and services that will both strengthen and support the future of the Doane Stuart School.

The Alumni/ae Association was rejuvenated in January 2015.  This effort was lead by Pam Clarke, Head of School and Darlene Gallagher, Director of Development. After several meetings the above mission was approved.  We are now looking for at least one representative from each Class.  A class reps’ responsibilities would include:  helping to keep address lists up to date; reporting class news; encouraging participation in Alumni/ae activities; and generally supporting the mission of the School.

The Leaders of the Alumni Association are:  Leanne Robinson-Maine, DS ’94 and Peter Kutchukian, DS ’97.   They encourage all alumni/ae to participate in the Alumni/ae Association meetings.  Our next meeting dates are October 3, December 5, February 6, April 3 and June 5 at 7:00 p.m. One can participate in person or by phone.

Leanne and Peter are looking for your input on priorities for the Alumni/ae Association.

*Hosting Alumni/ae events in different cities

*Creating business networking opportunities  

*Designing an Alumni/ae / Student mentoring program

*Creating an Alumni/ae Scholarship Fund

*Finding contact information for Alumni/ae with whom we have lost touch

*Maximizing attendance at Reunion

Please share your ranking of the above priorities or send any new suggestions to Darlene Gallagher at or call her at (518) 465-5222, ext. 203.

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