Theater, art, music, and more

Students of all ages learn to appreciate the arts and to use them as vehicles of self-expression. Starting in Early Childhood and Lower School, students experiment with color, form, content, rhythm, and movement. By Upper School, students can choose from a variety of art and music offerings. Gallery displays, theatrical productions, recitals, and ensemble performances encourage students to share their talents with the Doane Stuart community. Independent study provides extraordinary opportunities for students to hone their skills and pursue individual interests.

Art and music teachers work one-on-one with advanced Upper School artists and musicians to help them prepare for college auditions and portfolio presentations. Our students are admitted to some of the nation’s best college music and fine art programs. Some of our musicians, for example, have gone on to attend Julliard and perform at Carnegie Hall. Further, our painters and sculptors consistently earn places in the region’s most competitive juried shows.