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College Counseling News

March 2019 College News

From Kathleen Bracken, Director of College Counseling
(518) 465-5222 x210 • [email protected]

Class of 2019

College applications are now behind us! Please remember to keep Ms. Bracken informed of any information regarding acceptances and merit scholarships that you receive in the coming months.

College Meetings for Juniors and Parents

Already, Ms. Bracken has met with many of the juniors to begin discussing college plans. Following the first meeting, she will meet with each junior and his or her parent(s). This second meeting should take place by the end of April. After the second meeting, Ms. Bracken will craft a personalized list of approximately 20 colleges that may be a match for each student. Please coordinate with your child to schedule the second meeting. Ms. Bracken can be reached at (518) 465-5222 x210, or by e-mail at [email protected].

Sophomores and Parents

Ms. Bracken hopes to meet with each sophomore before the end of this school year. Parents are encouraged to attend this meeting. Please contact Ms. Bracken at (518) 465-5222, extension 210, or [email protected], to arrange for this meeting.

Important Dates

April 5 – Deadline for juniors to register for the May 4 SAT (with the essay). This is required for all juniors and must be done at www.collegeboard.com.