Tom Febrey

Dear Doane Stuart Community:

In December our community suffered a terrible blow when we lost Tom Febrey.  His death saddened us all — friends, students, alumni, colleagues, and of course his dear wife and our colleague, Sonjia. Many of us went to Rochester to his funeral, and then hundreds came to School for our January service for him. Bagpipes played; his band played; his friends spoke; a student wrote a piece of music for him; everyone tries to cope in different ways.

Because Tom cared deeply for his colleagues, we announce today a new endowment fund to be known as The Febrey Fund for Faculty Compensation.  Generous parents and friends of the school have already contributed over $100,000 to this Fund; therefore, its earnings can be used immediately.  The earnings, but not the principal, will be used for faculty compensation; as this Fund grows it will help provide for faculty members at the level they deserve.

If you wish make a contribution to this Fund, please make checks payable to Doane Stuart Febrey Fund or click here to make a gift on-line. If you choose to make a pledge, we can send you a Memo of Understanding, which enables one to donate over a 3-5 year period. Honoring our friend and teacher in this way provides a tangible pathway to fulfill Tom’s desire for stronger faculty compensation. We are grateful to launch the Febrey Fund. Tom’s memory will always sustain our faculty.


Pamela Clarke