Our faculty and staff are extraordinary. Day in and day out, they find countless ways to remind our students how much they matter as individuals and as part of the Doane Stuart community.

Name Phone
(518) 465-5222
Erin Baillargeon ext. 430 Middle School Social Studies
Jenna Barbary ext. 450 Upper School Biology and Environmental Science
Barb Bemis ext. 410 Upper School Math
Ann Berkman ext. 259 Assistant to the Advancement Team
Geoffrey Bowman ext. 241 Director of Admission
Kathleen Bracken ext. 210 Director of College Counseling; Assistant Director of Admission
Lisa Brown ext. 227 Associate Head of School;
Upper School Art History
Chris Caroppoli ext. 400 Aftercare Director
Sandy Cassant ext. 401 Lower School Faculty, Kindergarten, Lower School Coordinator
James Cernik ext. 412 Upper School Math; Lower School Technology
Pam Clarke ext. 200 Head of School
Connie Correa ext. 204 Business Manager
Nat Corwin ext. 407 Middle School English, History & Religion
Stephen Costa ext. 260 Director of Technology and Video Editing Teacher
Teresa Crasto ext. 429 Upper School Math
Saime Efe ext. 205 Bookkeeper and Textbook Coordinator
Sonjia Febrey ext. 431 Upper School ESL & Resource
Chip Follert ext. 414 Lower School Faculty, Fourth Grade
John Foster ext. 409 Upper School English
Darlene Gallagher ext. 203 Director of Development
Brittany Garrison ext. 421 Lower School Faculty, Second Grade
Susan Gomes ext. 441 Lower and Middle School French
Elizabeth Grayson ext. 209 Director of Publications
Joe Hetko ext. 424 Middle & Upper School Music
Patty Hodgkinson ext. 404 Middle School Co-Coordinator; Middle School English and Religion
Seamus Hodgkinson ext. 405 Middle School Co-Coordinator,
Middle School Math, and Science
Alison Kaplan  ext. 436 Lower School Faculty, Third Grade
Sara Knaggs ext. 226 STEAM Room Coordinator
Richard Koch ext. 454 Maintenance
Karen Leary ext. 202 Receptionist, Upper School Religion
Patricia Light ext. 228 Athletic Director; Middle & Upper School Physical Education
Jason Martinez ext. 443 Lower, Middle and Upper School Art
Rachel Morgan ext. 442 Middle School Math and Science
RoseAnn Mueller ext. 201 Assistant to the Head of School and the
Director of Development
John Myrick ext. 440 Upper School Spanish
Edna Nieves ext. 447 Grade 7 & 8 Spanish; Middle School Religion
Juan Ocampo ext. 411 Librarian; Assistant Upper School Dean For Student Life
Liam Pickett ext. 406 Upper School Chemistry
Maria Pflegl ext. 451 Lower School Music
Kelly Post ext. 417 Lower School Faculty, First Grade
John Raimo ext. 454 Maintenance
Bill Russell ext. 452 Upper School History and Religion; Upper School Academic Dean
Kyle Schindler ext. 439 Upper School Physics
Yoko Segerstrom ext. 240 Lower & Middle School Secretary;
Upper School Japanese
Claire Sherwood ext. 208 Upper School Secretary; Registrar and Assistant to the Associate Head of School
Ashley Sigond ext. 220 Upper School History
Carl Snavely ext. 454 Director of Maintenance
Brianna Stauder ext. 419 Lower School Faculty, Early Childhood
Bridget Szczypinski ext. 438 School Psychologist
Alexandra Valenti ext. 432 Middle & Upper School French
Van Winkle
ext. 425 Upper School Art
Rosemary Walsh ext. 225 Nurse
Robert Weaver ext. 408 Upper School English and Religion
David Wells ext. 445 Upper School Biology
Jim Wheaton ext. 428 Upper School History
Larry Yakubowski ext. 223 Middle and Upper School Math; Lower and Middle School Physical Education 
Development Information ext. 203  
Gala Information ext. 203  
Reunion Information ext. 203  
School Nurse ext. 225