As we start into summer vacation, I want to encourage students and their parents to take the time to reflect upon the school year.  What went well?  What did not go well?  What could I have done better?  Why?  Who was particularly friendly?  With whom should I have made friends?  Whatever the questions one asks, the thinking is valuable. Please do it before the vacation erases the memory. Then start next fall with a clear set of goals and understanding of one’s successes and challenges of this year.

Vacation is literally to take time off for pleasure and rest; however, it is close in meaning to the verb to vacate, which has a connotation of emptiness and renunciation.   We’re not using vacation to become empty, I am sure. I know some of our older students are doing internships, working at retail shops, and babysitting.  Some of our younger students are at various camps- day or sleep-away, and I hope many of our very youngest kids are playingoutside and asking adults to read to them!

Here at Doane Stuart, our SCAMP is in full swing.  Scamp is a made-up word from the equation:  school + camp = scamp.  We have children from 3-7 years old learning to read, practicing their arithmetic, playing games, doing puzzles and more.  Today they made bridges from clay, paper and pennies; they discussed the stressors on a bridge and the best ways to make a bridge strong and safe.  They are also hatching mealworms.  They play outside several times each day and run through the sprinklers when it is warm.  Yesterday they laughed hilariously when our two maintenance men, Carl, and Rich, joined them for a running soak!

Scamp is open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and runs in two-week sessions from June 13-August 19th.
Call or   go to  to enroll your youngster.

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