Meet The Head Of The School

Pam Clarke2Dear friends,

When I came here I met administrators, teachers and students from several grades, and I know from experience that however grand the facilities and however sensational the buildings and grounds, it is the people who make a school hum. Our students and teachers really like each other and really want each other to succeed. That’s right, students want teachers to succeed too; we all learn together.

Our older students are team captains; designers of curriculum; soloists in the band; winners of juried art shows; and recipients of a great deal of merit dollars from colleges. Our youngest students (age 3-5) are coding, reading, speaking in public and using math manipulatives. Our middle school students run the NO PLACE FOR HATE CLUB, play on interscholastic teams, go hiking on Saturdays, solve complex algebraic problems, and thrive with hands-on learning.

Doane Stuart HUMS with the challenges of learning, of working together, of meeting people from what we call ‘every quarter;’ this means from all walks of life, from many nationalities, and especially from many different religious backgrounds. The school is historically a merger of an Episcopal School with a Sacred Heart school, but has intentionally become a place where all beliefs are celebrated and all lives of faith understood and integrated into the curriculum. This alone makes for a respectful community, a collaborative community, and a place of intentional civility.

The core of this spirit often emanates from the Golub Interfaith Chapel – a lovely room where the whole school can assemble to celebrate any number of things: any number of different religious holidays; a successful basketball game; a lovely concert; a student who has made a special effort. This room truly brings us all together in every way.

Enough talk. Please do two things: please take a look at our website, as it does reflect who we are, but more importantly, please come for a visit and see for yourselves what a special place is Doane Stuart.


Welcome to Doane Stuart School,
Pamela J Clarke, Head of School


Mrs. Pamela J. Clarke joined the Doane Stuart community in July 2014.  Mrs. Clarke brings with her 25 years of experience leading independent schools as Head of School.  Ms. Clarke was most recently Head of the Trevor Day School, an independent school for 800-plus students in grades N-12 in Manhattan. Among her many accomplishments at Trevor Day, Clarke directed the construction of an innovative Green building, which will be the largest Geothermal building in the country, funded by a successful capital campaign and tax-exempt financing. Before Trevor Day, Clarke was head at the St. Paul Academy and Summit School in St. Paul, Minn. and the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. She is a board member of the New York State Association of Independent Schools and the Harlem Academy.

Ms. Clarke holds masters degrees in counseling and consulting psychology from Harvard University and classics from Yale University and earned a B.A. degree from Vassar College.